Career Success Stories

Have you heard of  Joseph Campbell’s classic Hero’s Journey?
What I’ve learned in my 20 years serving as a leadership coach to CEOs and VPs in a variety of industries is that we also have a Career Journey.
In this Vodcast, you will hear the fascinating, “put-you-in-the-scene” stories about how, when and where leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and even musicians launched what I feel are extraordinary careers, what obstacles they faced along the way and their resulting lessons learned that help them live - and lead - a meaningful legacy.

Sam Horn

CEO, the Intrigue Agency


Rapper & Producer

Jeremiah Sparks

Actor & Singer

Janice Leonard

Landscape Painter

Patty Aubery

President of the Canfield Training Group

Laurianne Sylvester

Dean of Unama'ki College at the Cape Breton University

Ron James

Comedian & Actor

Hon. Mayann Francis

Former Lt. Gov of Nova Scotia

Lijana Wallenda

High Wire Performer & Speaker