Working with Career Story Project

Leadership Coaching expertise meets Career Storytelling precision.

When you work with Karen Kelloway and Career Story Project, you’ll discover more about yourself, your leadership approach, and your communication style. And from these insights you’ll co-create an action plan that delivers results, inspires team breakthroughs, and moves you forward.


Our Leadership Coaching Takes Three Forms: 1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching for VPs and Founders, Cohort-based Team Development for Directors, Managers and their Teams, Program-Based Coaching through our NAIL IT! Course

Executive Leadership Coaching

How many plans and commitments are you and your organization currently working toward? And how confident are you that you'll meet them?

My role is to help you and your organization keep your commitments to your clients, your employees, and your future.

How? By aligning VPs and Founders on their existing strategic plan, applying my communications, leadership, and career storytelling experience to your specific needs. We’ll take your strategic plan and implement it to develop talent, leverage skills, and build stronger communication within the team and beyond.

So if you’re an emerging executive or founder committed to creating growth for your organization, I’ll help you stay on track, engaged with your team, and compelling in your communication.

I’ll help you keep shaping the story of your career, role, or organization—so that you control where it leads.

“During my time working with Karen, she was supportive, encouraging, and respectful of my time, ideas, and opinions.  She kept me on pace during some challenging times on my leadership journey.  Karen always encouraged me to think creatively and strategically, and provided sound advice and direction when addressing any concerns or challenges I encountered.”

John A. Young, P.GSC.,  Area Manager, PCL Constructors Canada Inc


My process is outcome-oriented, focused on creating and maintaining measurable actions and staying accountable to your commitments and goals.

1 | Intake and Discovery

What's your role, what are your goals, and what are you responsible for or accountable to? What are your strengths - potential strengths overdone - and where would you like grow? As part of our intake we consider what assessments would be most useful and seek feedback from those who work closest with you.

2 | Creating the Coaching Plan

Together we’ll build out your bespoke coaching plan, tailored to your leadership and communication style, your goals, and challenges you’re working through. We’ll establish timelines, milestones, actions and accountability measures and get sign off and buy-in from your direct leader to ensure goals are aligned with the bigger organizational objectives and resources.

3 | Working the Plan

This is where we get down to brass tacks, accountability, and coaching. I’ll be with you every step of the way as we work through the Coaching Plan. I’m here as your Strategic Talent Advisor, your Leadership Coach, your confidential sounding board, and creative brainstorming partner.

4 | Wrap Up

After 4-6 months, you’ll be immersed in your strategy and the shape of your career within your organization. As part of the formal wrap up of our work, we’ll meet with your direct leader (or board chair) review all the results and set goals for your ongoing growth and success.


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Team Development

Is your team striving or thriving?

With our cohort-based Team Development, we work with you and your team to create a more productive team dynamic by evaluating, analyzing, and aligning individuals’ strengths, skills, and communication styles.

Our Team Development program can be delivered virtually for remote groups or in-person for local teams. We also offer a Corporate Retreat experience, with an active and engaging half-day workshop for executives groups and departmental teams.

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“I am a repeat client of Karen's, having engaged her to work with my leadership teams in my last two CEO roles. In both cases, I wanted to make a strong team even more cohesive by better understanding one another's strengths, how we show up in conflict, and the keys to healthy, collaborative relationships. Karen is thoughtful, practical, respectful, organized and always eager for mutual benefit.”

- Daniel Tisch, President & CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce


My process for Leadership Coaching in a team setting is outcome-oriented and focused on creating and maintaining measurable action for the team.

1 | The Team Kick Off

We kick things off with a team meeting so we can get to know each other. Together we’ll review the Team Development process, your goals, and answer any questions team members have.

2 | Core Strengths Assessment

Then each team member will be sent a Core Strengths Assessment to complete online. This helps uncover and identify strengths, potential strengths overdone and how we can better communicate to build stronger working relationships both when things are going well and in more challenging circumstances. These insights will form the design of the Team Sessions.

3 | Individual Debriefs  

Upon completion of the Assessments, Karen - or a Career Story project coach - will meet with every team member individually to review and discuss their results. This provides a confidential space for individuals to better understand their results, capture and apply that learning to their professional development plan and show up to the team session ready to engage.

4 | Team Sessions  

Then we come together as a team, either in two half-day online sessions or a full day in- person, to learn about each other’s strengths as a way of building on and improving team dynamic, understanding if we need to ‘dial up’ or ‘dial down’ our strengths when communicating with colleagues and customers and ensuring we’re focused on the areas that will maximize team growth and performance enhancements.

5 | Wrap Up 

After the team sessions, I’ll meet with the team leader to review the outcomes, identify any outstanding barriers, and provide leadership coaching to keep them on track and best managing their renewed team of focused professionals.


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Program-Based Coaching

Retain, engage and inspire your people. Help them chart their career paths with your organization—identify their passions and motivators, articulate their wants and needs, and build plans of action to make progress on their career goals and your organizational objectives.

Our program-based coaching does just that. Help them NAIL IT!ÂŽ with our online course, which can be delivered individually or as a team/cohort.

The team-based option takes your entire team through the program together with a certified facilitator who debriefs each module with the group. Participants complete 5 modules (and a bonus one at the end) over the course of 6–8 weeks.

Each takes between 1.5–2 hours to complete and includes an introduction, three exercises with instructional video, and take-away exercises to explore with the companion NAIL IT!® Guidebook.

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