Legacy starts with clarity. 


What do you want right now?

How do you navigate choices and challenges? 

How do you lead and leave a legacy?


Legacy starts with clarity.

You might be clear on what you want to achieve in your current or future role, but if you’re foggy on the how, I can help.


 Coaching professionals to live their best Career Story 

Career Story Project helps you create and action a plan that identifies, integrates and leverages your unique skills, talents and strengths. We do that through our in-depth leadership coaching, our proven step-by-step process, our customized methodology, and our encouraging accountability and trusted guidance.  

Are you clear on what you want to achieve in your current and future role?


Do you want help delegating and clarifying your priorities? 


Are you wondering how you can accomplish all your big ideas while staying healthy and present? 

It can be easier than you think.

This is your career story. You get to write the ending you deserve and desire.

I can help.

“Shortly after becoming CEO I hired Karen Kelloway as my CEO coach. By month three we had structured a Development Plan that was fully endorsed by my Board. After six months the Board stated that what I achieved due to my Coaching Plan was beyond their expectations.” 

Ian MacNeil, retired CEO of League Data Ltd

Working with Karen, I now have an actionable plan to build on the strengths of the team as a whole as well as individual skillsets to continue to grow my business in a way that best serves each other, our clients and aligns with our vision.”

Robyn McIsaac, Owner, PR Hive Inc. 

"Karen provides an external perspective that cuts through the noise without the inherent bias from those closer to your field of business. If you’re having trouble focusing, if you’re new to the role and getting lots of input, Karen can help you create a plan to organize your thoughts and give direction that achieves your business outcomes.”

Kevin McCann, Managing Partner, Atlantic Canada, NATIONAL Public Relations

My name is Karen Kelloway and I’m the founder and CEO of Career Story Project. 

For two decades I’ve been working with senior leaders in both the public and private sectors. Through the years, I’ve learned that the more clear, concise, and compelling a career story is, the greater the chances of success. My clients achieve breakthrough results, high employee engagement scores...even standing ovations.

Fit is really important in a coaching relationship. Over the years, I’ve found I work best with senior leaders and executives who want to be more present for their families and their teams.

My style as a coach is direct and results-focused. I am mindful of using your time well. We start where it makes sense - that could mean creating a plan for advancement, an onboarding plan if you're newly hired, or facilitating a team development session to help you understand more quickly how to motivate and connect with your employees. 

Karen Kelloway Executive Coach

If you want to be remembered as a good leader, I’d love to connect with you. 

Book a Career Clarity Call and Let’s Begin.

Here’s how the process works.

1 |  You book a career clarity call at a time that’s convenient for you.

2 |  During our call, we’ll determine how I will customize my program to best meet your goals. 

3 | We enter into a 6 -12 month coaching relationship where I support you and your team.

4 |  You get the career story ending that you want.


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