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Design your career path.

Do you want to..

  • Retain and (Re)engage your top talent?

  • Design a clear and motivating career path?

  • Make progress in your career development?

NAIL IT!® is the online, on-demand program for you.


How NAIL IT!® Online

worked for these professionals


Cassie Hard, Partner Success Manager, Utah, US

"I would recommend this program for any busy professional ... looking to think on what their next steps should be."

Heidi Kim, Account Director,
Ontario, CAN

"The program was a great opportunity to reflect on my own career... and analyze what I've being doing until now and where I should be heading."

Ethan MacLennan, Internal Auditor, Nova Scotia, CAN

"I really enjoyed the values activity and strengths work that allowed me to refocus on some of those things that I can leverage in my career."

Who can benefit from the NAIL IT!® online career pathing program?

  • A manager who is preparing for a promotion

  • A valued employee at a crossroads wondering how to find another path internally

  • An emerging leader who wants more meaningful work and is unsure where to start

  • A seasoned professional who wants to create a plan for advancement

  • A group of peers who want to learn and grow together

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to feel seen, heard and valued at work!


How NAIL IT! Online®

worked for these professionals

Cassie Hard, Partner Success Manager,
Utah, US
Heidi Kim, Account Director,
Ontario, CAN
Ethan MacLennan, Internal Auditor,
Nova Scotia, CAN

How NAIL IT!® works:

NAIL IT!® is an on-demand, online career pathing program for individuals looking to shape their career story and develop a clear plan.

It can be done individually as a self-paced program, as an office team in a cohort setting, or through 1:1 coaching.

Participants complete 5 modules (and a bonus one at the end) over the course of 6-8 weeks. Each takes between 1.5—2 hours to complete. Each module contains an introduction, three exercises with instructional video, and take-away exercises to explore with the companion NAIL IT!® Guidebook.

Lessons learned can be applied immediately and throughout the program.


Success takes many forms, NAIL IT! will help you define yours.

"I was successful in getting my last promotion because I walked into a meeting and when asked about my work, I talked about it differently. That’s because I went through the NAIL IT!® coaching program and applied what I learned. Now I’m aware of my skills, my values, what really makes me passionate about my work and how to project myself."

Chrissy Dreger
Manager, Emerging Technology & Funding, Nova Scotia Power

“The NAIL IT!® online program prepared me for the next steps in my career development and I attribute my recent promotion to the program. The quality of the course is high. The on-line content delivery is logical and relevant. I found myself going through a process of self-discovery with lots of self-examination. I recommend this program for those ready for that next step or possibly considering a new role within their organization.”

Aaron Hansen
Director of Operations, Charlottetown Area Development Corporation, PEI

“Thank you for the NAIL IT! ® coaching program experience. I learned a lot about myself through the program which has allowed me to become more efficient at my job. It surprised me that being more confident could save both myself and my co-workers time because I stopped second guessing, which allowed us to get the job done quicker. I look forward to what I can accomplish now with my new found confidence.”

Jennifer Richardson
Engineer, Halifax Water

NAIL IT! For Teams

A program dedicated to building trusting teams.

The NAIL IT!® online cohort option allows your team or group of peers to go through the program together with a certified facilitator. It combines the best of new and traditional learning models. Data shows that cohort-based courses not only have high completion rates—they also contribute significantly to participants’ career development.


  • Single license per participant to the NAIL IT!® Online Coaching Program (valid for 6 months).
  • Kick off call with Career Story Project coach to set up the online program access, review the participant’s overall goals and expectations.
  • Five Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (via Zoom) with a Career Story Project coach to debrief each module and share learnings. 
  • Sessions scheduled over a six week period, are one-hour in length and recorded in case a participant is absent.
  • In the final sixth session, individuals share their ‘billboard speeches’. Option for direct leader to attend.
  • Wrap up survey to measure takeaways and outcomes. 
  • Debrief session (via Zoom) with the coach and direct leader to review outcomes from the survey feedback.
Support your teams with career development and help your top talent grow and thrive in your organization.

NAIL IT® On- Demand Coaching Program (self-paced learning and development)

$496 CAD + HST



NAIL IT® Team Program (special savings for teams of 10+ and for recent event attendees)

$1,100 CAD + HST per participant



NAIL IT® with a Coach (1:1 coaching sessions and assessments)

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