Retain your top talent, grow their capabilities.

NAIL IT!®, an on-demand career pathing program for emerging leaders, delivers unique perspective and proven methodology to help your organization address key development and career growth challenges on an individual and team basis.

Through this online program your teams and employees will learn to develop and define a crystal-clear vision of who they are, what they stand for, and how they can maximize their skills, talents, and interests within your organization.

"I really appreciated the time Karen took to go over the Companion Guide exercises after I completed the online program independently. She helped me gain perspective on my career in general instead of just focusing on my job. At the same time, she was able to help talk me through solutions for some idiosyncrasies that come with the nature of my role. She helped me nail down my Billboard Statement in Module 5 to succinctly articulate what I like, what I've accomplished, and what I want to do in the future."

— Holly Colburn Human Resource Generalist  Archadeck of Nova Scotia & Case Design/Remodeling


Who Benefits:

• Organizations investing in their people.
• A valued employee at a crossroads wondering how to find another path internally.
• A manager who is preparing for a promotion.
• An emerging leader who wants more meaningful work and is unsure where to start.
• Teams who want to strengthen their communication and efficacy.
• HR leaders who want to maximize employee development opportunities and retain talent.

Now, you can bring NAIL IT!® in-house with our Guide on the Side program.

Become an Internal Guide on the Side for the NAIL IT!® program.

Grow your HR team's capabilities and opportunities with our bespoke Train-The-Trainer program for NAIL IT!® and then grow your organizational capabilities and talent with on-demand program delivery and internal coaching.

Through our Guide on the Side training program, Career Story Project will educate and instruct your HR leader on the NAIL IT!® program and methodology. Once certified, they'll be able to lead employee development as your internal NAIL IT!® Coach, and guide and debrief your teams and employees who take the online program.

It means your people define their vision, your people direct their career development plans, your HR team sees new opportunities within your workforce, and your people coach and support each other through the program—building connections, strengthening relationships, and developing skills together.

Internal Guide on the Side Investment: $1,500 CAN (+HST)

Organizational Savings: Once certified, the Internal Guide can purchase additional individual NAIL IT!® licenses for their employees with a special savings of 10% off the regular price of $496 CAN (+HST) per license.

What Does This Include?

  • Single license to the NAIL IT!® Online Coaching Program (valid for duration of contract).
  • 1/2 day Virtual Training Session with Career Story Project coach to learn to debrief the modules.
  • A special Guide on the Side: Notes on the Side Companion Guide training manual. Internal ‘marketing’ material including: an email template, background information on the program, and a freebie Billboard Speech activity.
  • Access to On Demand videos with Karen Kelloway, creator of the NAIL IT!® online program, to review best practices as a Guide on the Side coach.
  • Up to one Guide on the Side check-in Zoom Call with Karen per license (upon request) to provide external perspective and advice.
  • Certified Guides on the Side receive 10% off single licenses purchased for internal use.

Want to have a look behind the scenes? Once you have completed your Guide on the Side half day session, you will have access to additional training videos to help you embed the learning. Here’s a quick look inside the supplemental training platform...


“As a Guide on the Side, NAIL IT!® Online is a great program to bring into your toolbox because you’re actually working through these modules with your employees. Having that base and step-by-step methodology of the program really helps you understand where your employees are at and how to best support them."

— Annette Siewertsen, Certified Coach & Guide on the Side

Here's An Overview of the Program:


Name It: Reframe It

“What are you going to do with all those imperfect apples?”

Participants will:

  • Learn to reframe what you aren't happy with in your role, allowing for more positive forward-thinking role development conversations

  • Start to take ownership of your career management progress

Discover your Alignment Detector

"How can you start to make values-based decisions?"

Participants will:

  • Discover your top personal values to provide more meaning in your role

  • Reflect on how your values impact your leadership behaviors

  • Align your personal values with the organization's for greater job satisfaction and productivity

Uncover Your Blindspots

"Uncover Your Blind Spots; Play to Your Strengths"

Participants will:

  • Look at your strengths overdone

  • Validate your strengths with feedback from your coworkers
  • Gain ideas to add to your internal performance development plan

Deal with the Difficult

“How can you create positive outcomes, no matter what?"

Participants will:

  •  Start to focus on what you can control in ambiguous situations and uncertainty

  • Learn techniques for handling difficult conversations
  • Learn to bridge the communications gap as a way to resolve conflict

Strategize for Success

"Create a plan; Work the plan; Speak the plan"

Participants will:

  • Have a plan to bring forward of your career management process

  • Have talking points to articulate what you want in your career progression
  • Learn how to stay on track amid obstacles with the right attitude

Bonus: "The Apple-logue"

"What's your story?"

Participants will:

  • Be guided through a personal vision exercise to help shape your own unique career story

Meet the Coaches


Founder & Head Coach

Karen Kelloway is an award-winning leadership coach. Her book NAIL IT! has been called ‘insightful and utterly enjoyable’ by The Globe And Mail and is the basis of this trademarked career management program. Karen is certified as an executive coach through Royal Roads University and holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia.

In her 20+ years as an Executive Career Strategist, Karen has learned that the more clear, concise and compelling a career story, the greater the chances of success. She hopes NAIL IT!® helps you with yours.


Certified Coach, Guide on the Side

Annette Siewersten is a certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University. With over 10 years of coaching experience, Annette specializes in using NAIL IT® Online with emerging leaders (mid to upper middle level employees).

In addition to her executive coaching certification, she is also an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Small Business Coach with Systems Business Coach©. Annette is based in Victoria, British Columbia.


Certified Facilitator, Guide on the Side

Bernice Williams is a consultant, facilitator and a certified Guide on the Side for
NAIL IT!® Online. She works with organizations and business owners to build their capacity, increase their networks, and develop the skills and confidence they need to deliver their zone of genius to the world.

Her extensive experience working with teams in governments, non-profit organizations, and businesses makes her a perfect fit to deliver our cohort program to your team. Bernice is based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.