What’s Your Leadership Style?

You and your team have journeyed to the Land of Possibilities for a retreat to focus on
team effectiveness. As you pass through the stone archway, you’re handed a tumbler of truth serum (*organic and locally sourced*). You're thirsty. You’ve already battled many obstacles —scheduling conflicts,  wrong directions, missed connections—to get here. You gratefully empty the glass.  

Wow. There are no ‘communications filters’ in this land! Extraordinary outcomes are achieved here because everyone participates from a place of alignment in a way that best suits them. Everyone is free to be true to whichever of the 4 main types of leadership styles they prefer. 

Give it a try. The serum hasn’t yet worn off. You’re still in the Land of Possibilities and are expected to be completely honest. 

If you could have it your way, how would you prefer to communicate with others on your team?