Make Quick Connections With My 3-Step Formula for Your 60-second Billboard Speech

Take all of your ideas and neatly package them into three key talking points to help you get noticed.

Show me how to create my very own billboard speech.

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More than just an elevator pitch, the Billboard Speech tells others how they can help you succeed - cutting through the noise and making strong connections in seconds.

That’s what I’m going to help you do in this video.

For those enrolled in my NAIL IT®! online program, this exercise comes in module five, after we’ve created your one-of-a-kind career strategy.

But for this giveaway, I’ll guide you through my three-step formula and you can draw on what you know now, at this moment in your career. 

Why Have a Billboard Speech?

When we get asked simple questions like:

These are opportunities to let others know how they can help you.


Because you can’t do it alone. You still need others to help you along the next steps in your career. 

I’ve created a three step formula to help you clearly state what you want. 

Let’s Get Started.

Show me how to create my very own billboard speech.

Karen Kelloway, Founder

Karen has been helping leaders engage and retain their top talent for 20 years. An award-winning leadership coach and founder of the Career Story Project Inc., Karen coaches high-performing professionals on how to live their best career stories. Her book NAIL IT!: A Strategic Roadmap to Career Advancement has been called ‘insightful and utterly enjoyable’ by The Globe and Mail and is the basis of her trademarked online career pathing program.

Karen holds an advanced certification of executive coaching through the International Coach Federation (PCC), is certified as an executive coach through Royal Roads University and holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia.

"Karen provides an external perspective that cuts through the noise without the inherent bias from those closer to your field of business. If you’re having trouble focusing, Karen can help you organize your thoughts and give direction that achieves your business outcomes.

Kevin McCann, Managing Partner, Atlantic Canada, NATIONAL Public Relations

Show me how to create my very own billboard speech.