Who have you met ‘In-Person’ for the first time since the pandemic started?

team building team engagement Feb 25, 2022
Tim Brennan, Karen Kelloway, and Wendy McIntyre

For me, one of the most positive outcomes from this pandemic has been the meaningful and supportive business relationships I’ve developed — all from Zoom calls! I don't know about you, but as soon as the boarders closed in March 2020, my phone line started lighting up.

Like me, other business owners suddenly had the time to take off the ‘work focused’ blinders and check in with each other. And because we were all slowing down and trying to figure this out together, the conversations were more like Appreciative Inquiry than Getting Down to Business.

Two superstar Zoom introductions, closer to home, were Tim Brennan of Fit Tech and Wendy McIntyre of Resolve HR in Prince Edward Island. After hours of Zoom calls (and strategizing) it was so much fun to finally sit with them in-person recently! I am so grateful to Tim, Wendy and the many other pros across the globe who spent hours bandying about their creative genius to support mutual innovation and business brainstorming.

In a moment of reflection, think for yourself how a shift in focus during the pandemic allowed you to accomplish something you might not previously have tackled.

Going forward, how will you schedule those focused moments for creative intuition and innovation?

Karen Kelloway, BPR PCC
Your Career Story Editor


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